Why Women Gamble

Women have finally shrugged off their inhibitions and have moved into the world dominated by male gamblers.

It should be noted that women do not take the same approach to gambling as men do. While men seek the physical thrill and action of the game, women see it as a chance to take a breather from everyday events.

Form of Escape

For some women, they gamble to escape the everyday problems of life. Some women cannot cope with their problems and see gambling as a way to get away from it all. It is more of a mental escape than a physical one.

Because of its nature, women tend to play games that do not rwquire them to interact with other players. Games like slots and poker are prefect examples. Many women find it easier to ignore their problems if no form of interaction is present. Psychologists believe that women with low self esteem enjoy gambling because the act of winning brings them a sense of pride and joy. For these women, a few coins in exchange for an emotional depression in the past few days is worth the cost.

Boredom is another reason why women gamble. Many bored women have turned their creative energies and money to online gaming. Playing online provides the bored housewife with instant release and satisfaction by just turning on the computer and connecting to the internet.

Searching for Entertainment

Sometimes women gamble for the entertainment it brings them. Winning is fun but sometimes losing can be just as fun if under certain circumstances such as playing while on vacation or out for dinner with friends.

Some women gamble not for the money, but for the thrill of the risk.Some women bet huge amounts of money to gcatch the thrill of risking losing it all. These women are the thrill seeker types and not afraidto try something new. Perhaps some of them have led a slow paced life and wish to try a new lifestyle. It also points out that these people are more daring gamblers on the floor.

Get Rich

Women gamble to improve their finances. Although men have a similar goal, they gamble for the sport it brings. Women who gamble for money have the ultimate desire to lift themselves from any economic depression they or the family has. Women don't usually gamble for money unless the situation demands for it.

With women gamblers becoming a major force in the gambling industry, it pays to know the different reasons why they play. Casino operators realize this and have acted on the premise of economic need, entertainment, and enjoyment.


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