The Casino Dice

You can always bet that every time the dice start rolling in a casino that there are thousands of dollars ride on them. The dice are an important part of casinos and in part quite symbolic in that dice are perfect cubes to show every player has an equal chance of winning. These dice often will decide the players' luck, which is the prime reason why playing at casinos is such a huge thrill.

The dice rolls are perfectly random. Casinos and dice manufacturers have gone a long way to make sure that the dice rolls made in a casino are fair. You might have that the dice used in casinos are called precision dice. The fact is they are really precise to a fraction of a millimeter. This means that the standard for manufacturing casino dice is really very high so that any side of a die has an absolutely equal opportunity to come up when rolled.

The manufacturing process is particularly precise. Manufacturing standards are carefully kept and followed and the conventional arrangement of the spots on the faces is kept. The spots are conventionally arranged wherein if you place the one-spot on the top and place the two-spot on the left the three-spot face should be to the right of the two-spot. If you add the value of one face to the value of the face on the opposite side it should total to seven.

Casino dice come in different sizes with most common sizes at three-fourths, five-eighths, and eleven-sixteenths of an inch. It has now become common to see casino dice to have serials numbers, key letters underneath the spots (which can be viewed through the transparent dice), the casino's name, and the casino's logo. All this is done to prevent cheating by switching the casino dice with a crooked one.

There are players who would love to keep the dice in a casino as a souvenir. You can't actually take the dice from the casino but you can buy used dice from the casino. But just remember that not all casinos would let to let you walk out with them.

If ever they let you buy them, the dice you buy will be marked as used or sold or some other symbol so that it won't get mixed up by the actual dice used for play. If you're looking to buy dice from the pack you might have to pay extra for a stick of dice.

Casinos and manufacturers have set up certain standards to avoid cheating using dice. You can be sure that the dice used in casinos aren't rigged.


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