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Gambling has, time and immemorial, caused people to have opposing views on its advantages and disadvantages on society. Gambling is seen by some people as the perfect past-time while others an obliteration of social morality. Gambling definitely is a very big industry worldwide and no one can deny its popularity that stretches across all places and nationalities. Let's learn more on its positive and negative effects.

Whenever a casino crops up in a town, there are definitely jobs generated. Furthermore, real estate around casinos also tends to appreciate in value. New businesses like motels and restaurants also sprang up. Casinos definitely attracts tourists from nearby towns and cities or even outside the country and this healthy tourism benefits not only the gamblers but also the non-gamblers in the town by virtue of increased employment, appreciation of their properties and other business opportunities. In this point of view we can say that the inherent nature of man to gamble is not really disadvantageous because it can also provide new and unexplored opportunities for the non-gamblers. We cannot also ignore the fact that casinos bring in a lot of money to the towns they belong to and this ultimately translates to better tax collections for the municipality. They therefore have a bigger budget to allot for social improvement like on education, infrastructure and peace and order.

Gambling is indeed fun and enjoyable in moderation. However, because of the high cash rewards when one gets lucky in the game, there is always the temptation to go beyond, lose control and get addicted to gambling. This is the pitfall of gambling. Gambling addicts not only do damage to themselves but on their families and the societies they belong to as well. Gambling addicts takes a whole lot of time away from their families and friends. What's worse is that they may even be spending not just their money but money for their family's daily expenses or for their kids' education. Addicted gamblers fail to recognize this and are only focused in getting more cash when in reality, they're just losing more. It can also shoot up criminal incidents as some simple men turn into thefts, robbery, fraud and embezzlement just to get some gambling money.

Gambling definitely has its pros and cons. The key is for society to find the right balance of it. Moreover, people should be made aware of the pitfalls of gambling so they just stay in moderation. Gambling is fun and rewarding but destructive too if one doesn't know how to handle it.


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